I have 100s of videos on YouTube. - The 1st 3 on here are from my Japan tour, 2014, and 2 are live at the Crocodile Club in Tokyo  - The 3rd and 4th ones are my current band "Charles Locke & Loaded" - One's an original song, and the other is a promo video live at Rusty's Surf Ranch on the famous Santa Monica Pier, Sept 23, 2016. recorded live. 

Me and You in the Universe

  "Me and You in the Universe" - Charles Locke Band Japan  
                                                              Published on Nov 19, 2015 

"Me and You in the Universe" ---- Song Copyright 2014, Charles Locke Govatsos (ASCAP) ---- Sound Recording Copyright 2014, Charles Locke Govatsos, Sakki Komasawa, Daiji Okai ---- Recording produced by Daiji Okai ---- Recorded at "Simon Studio" Tokyo ---- Mixed and Engineered by Atsushi Hoshino (星野敦) ---- Studio Band: Charles Locke (guitar, vocals, background vocals) Sakki Komasawa (駒沢さっき)(bass, vocals) Daiji Okai (岡井大二)(drums, vocals) Masahiro Inaba (稲葉政裕)(guitar, vocals) Kate/Yoco. (BradzEqual)(Vocals) ---- Touring band: Charles Locke (guitar, vocals) Sakki Komasawa (駒沢さっき)(bass, vocals) Daiji Okai (岡井大二)(drums, vocals) Jun Matsukawa (松川純一郎)(guitar, vocals) Ryuji Sakasegawa (逆瀬川隆司)(keyboards, vocals) ---- Live video footage: Double Dare Inc. (Nobuhiko Shiomi) Susumu Takahashi, Simon Studio ---- Guitars for Charles Locke provided by: Akio Akiji Fukuda.(Custom Built Japan) Hideyuki Kanno ---- Video Editor, Andy G. ---- And special thanks to the following clubs: Shinbashi ZZ, Nishiogi Terra, Harajuku Crocodile, Kitaurawa Ayers, Kichijoji Rock Joint GB

"Good Lovin" - Charles Locke Band Japan - Live at the Crocodile Club, Tokyo, October 24, 2014  
                                                  2014年10月24日 Live@原宿クロコダイル 

Charles Locke - vocals, guitar  ....  Sakki Komasawa (駒沢さっき) - bass .... Daiji Okai (岡井大二) from 四人囃子 - drums ....  Jun Matsukawa (松川純一郎) - guitar .... Ryuji Sakasegawa (逆瀬川隆司) - keyboards .... Video by Double Dare Inc. (Nobuhiko Shiomi) 

"Good Lovin" was written by Rudy Clark and Arthur Resnick and became the most popular when the The Young Rascals released it in 1966